Open doors to a beautiful world of
Exterior Floor Boards;
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Installation Guide
installation guide

for WALKON Exterior
Floor Boards(Applicable only for India)

Laying the WALKON
Exterior Floor Boards

  • Mount the floor boards with open joints. Make sure that water flow finds a direction and waterproofing is in place.
  • Alignment needs to be precise and the entire structure be planned in advance.
  • Take extra care towards the existing sealing points. Make sure you do not damage them while laying the structure.
  • Technically, keep the downward slope of the floor boards to 1.5% to one side.
  • Ensure that the boards are in overlapping positions by a minimum of 250 mm, in case of staggered joints.

Ideal laying distances

A maximum of 500 mm (middle to middle) for 15 mm thick floor boards.

This kind of alignment will hold up to 3kN/m of load. If maintaining that distance is difficult for you, you can speak with us and our engineers will give you customized solution for the same.

Now, support the substructure bar carefully so as to avoid slipping and flexing.

Laying options


Stylam in co-operation with Dow Corning has designed a system for Elastic Bonding of Floor Boards for both interior and exterior applications.

1. Subsurface preparation:

Keep a sufficient load bearing capacity for the subsurface andsubstructure. Maintain a distance of 25 mm for ventilation purpose. The downward slope of the floor boards must be at least 1.5% to one side.

NOTE: Grass or similar material is unsuitable as a subsur­face.

2. Substructure preparation

While wood as substructure needs protection from moisture, standard aluminum forming tubes play the role perfectly. The substruc­ture must stay at a 90º angle to the floor board.

3. Cleaning

Thoroughly clean all surfaces of loose debris on and around the substructure. Wipe the joint surfaces and remove dirt and contaminants. Allow the surface to dry. Stylam recommends Dow Corning R40 Universal Cleaner or R41 Cleaner Plus.

4. Primer Application

Apply a thin, uniform layer of primer by hand to the WALKON Floor Board surfaces where the 896 PanelFix adhesive will be applied.

A) Pre Fixing - Tape Application: Once the cleaning and primer has been done and is dry, apply Dow Corning PanelFix Tape (12mm wide / 3.2mm thick/Black) continuously and vertically on to the supporting structure. Pre- Fixing Tape provides instant tack and a temporary anchor that holds the Floor Board in position while the Silicon Adhesive 896 completely cures and reaches its final bond strength

.**Do not remove the upper protective layer from the tape until the Floor Boards are ready for application.

B) 896 PanelFix Adhesive Application: Now apply the adhesive on to the supporting structure and also directly to the Panel. Apply the adhesive in a continuous operation using a caulking gun, allowing a minimum of 5mm distance from the tape. Extrude the Silicone Adhesive with minimal angle between the nozzle and the surface to achieve the required joint dimensions.

**After the Silicon Adhesive application, remove the protective layer from the pre fixing tape.

C) WALKON Floor Board Installation:

Position the Floor Board by gently pressing and correcting if necessary. Once in position, apply pressure to ensure that the Fixing Tape is in complete contact with the inner faces of both the Floor Board & supporting structure.